My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It has the good food and quality family time of Christmas without the stress. I know that for some, the month of December is all candy canes and laughter, but I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself at Christmas. How much money should I spend? What’s the right gift to buy? When do I decorate? When do I take down the decorations? How can I make what’s become a commercial holiday meaningful for me and my loved ones? I create these unrealistic expectations,and inevitably I get let down at some point.

Oh, but Thanksgiving… I have nothing negative to say. When I think of Thanksgiving, I remember…

…that year I wasn’t able to eat much of the actual Thanksgiving meal because I snuck and ate three rolls before dinner was served.

…learning how to make cornbread dressing from my cousin Kenny. This is my favorite Thanksgiving food, and I feel sorry for those who only eat that breadcrumb stuff. A resounding boo to Stovetop Stuffing! Boo, I say!

…gravy. Watching my mom make giblet gravy, slowly stirring in flour. Me, later, pouring gravy over everything. Gravy is my second favorite Thanksgiving food.

…waiting in agonizing anticipation for my uncle to finish the longest Thanksgiving prayer ever. It was really a sermon. Uncle Bill, just say amen so I can eat already!

…playing bridge with my grandmother and others. What a game. It makes the other card games look a little pitiful.

…lots of family, extended family, and friends catching up, talking loud, and eating until short of breath, all while football games play on a big screen TV.

I haven’t gotten to attend a big family thanksgiving in a while. My husband’s in retail and works on Black Friday, and it’s getting more and more expensive to travel. In the meantime, I have my memories, and I try to remember to be grateful: for my family, that we talk and are still close though so many miles lay between us; for my friends; for my husband; for a job I love. Most of all, I feel overwhelming gratitude towards God, from whom all these good gifts flow.

Although the corporate machine continues to encroach on my beloved Thanksgiving day (Kmart opens at 6am- on Thursday), I’m going to relax, eat some great food with my hubby, and remember all I have to be thankful for. No shopping. Just gravy.

Psalm 106:1

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Auntie D
    Dec 04, 2014 @ 23:33:45

    We missed you terribly. Cousin Kenny’s dressing was every bit as good as you remember. The house was full and very loud, as usual.

    I miss my mommy too. miss your mom’s homemade rolls and cookies. I miss your laughter while hanging out with your cousins. I miss watching you stuff yourself only find you on the couch to rubbing your stomach. As if this gesture would make room for my sweet potato pie.

    I am too am thankful for the memories we’ve made. Love ya.


  2. Kronda
    Dec 06, 2014 @ 07:05:31

    I spent Thanksgiving with some vegetarian friends and since Jess has given up gluten, it was the healthiest TG I’ve had. The food really was good, but I was happy to swing by Donna’s after and graze all the meat that was left, and eat cake.

    On the subject of Xmas…seems like an easy way to make it less commercial would be to stop buying stuff eh? We stopped doing major shopping a few years before mom died and it was quite relaxing. Mom Traci and I would get each other one thing and leave the rest. Now Jess and I do the same thing, sometimes with no gifts, sometimes one small thing, and usually something for Traci. And it’s a good thing we’re not attached to having a tree since the cat would probably climb it and knock it over…

    December is a time when I watch the rest of the world run around and stress and use my extra time to work on a house project or read a few good books.


  3. Leelee
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 19:19:32

    I just read this blog again, and I was thinking about how Thanksgiving and Christmas can actually be transient holidays. It’s the people, the love, the feeling, the food, the laughter & talking (loud), hustle and bustle, picture taking, lasting memories, guys watching sports, girls in the kitchen, hugs all around and something magical, something big, & way way special when a family gets to have all of that on ANY day. You and hubby’s visit over spring break was Thanksgiving and Christmas for me, awh, but without the gravy.


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