A Snow Day in the Life of a Teacher

5:30 am (or p.m. the night before): Receive automated call from employer. Do a funny dance and sing a little song that goes something like this: “I don’t have school! Oh yeah, who doesn’t have school? Me! Why? Because I’m off, I’m off, I’m off…” Gloating in the presence of your significant other is how the celebration begins.
7:00 am: Consider making an awesome breakfast of French toast or pancakes, bacon, etc. to continue the celebration because you have SO MUCH TIME…. then dismiss the idea because you are feeling lazy. Instant oatmeal it is.
8:00 am: Peek out the window and watch the one you love struggle to get snow and ice off the car. Feel a twinge of sympathy, just a twinge, as you let the curtain fall back into place.
8:30 am: Grab a book and settle in for one of life’s best gifts: the late morning sleep.
11:00 am: Contemplate engaging in various productive activities such as shredding old documents, cleaning out the junk drawer, going through the closet for donation items, making appointments, and starting the next great American novel.
11:07 am: Give up and instead surf the Internet for entertainment news.
12:30 pm: Have lunch. You really want to go out for a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but you don’t want to scrape ice off your car and wait for it to warm up, so you have a bowl of cereal and put a handful of chips and an apple on a paper plate.
1:00 pm: Browse Netflix for a TV show to binge watch.
1:45 pm: Halfway through the 3rd episode you start to feel guilty. You go put on your exercise clothes, knowing that it will motivate you to do your workout- right after you finish that episode.
2:00 pm: Nap on the couch in your exercise clothes.
3:00 pm: Bored and feeling like a caged tiger. Certain you need retail therapy, you throw on clothes, get the car cleaned off, and head to Ross.
4:30 pm: Back home and suffering buyer’s remorse. Your purchases stay in the bag and will probably be returned tomorrow.
5:30 pm: Existential crisis hits. You are listless, wondering what happened to your day and thinking about what you should have done: read the Bible. Pray. Call your mother. Exercise. Make a gourmet meal. Start the next great American novel.
6:00 pm: Impatiently waiting for spouse to return home so you can have some sort of meaningful interaction with another human being.
8:00 pm: Another peek out the window. The roads aren’t clear yet, so you are waiting for another call. And then you wonder whether you really want to get that news after all.
Literaree is currently getting through her 8th snow day this winter. After she publishes this post she is going to start working on that novel. She promises.