Why I am starting a blog- again

Many of my friends and family know that I started a blog a while back on Blogger. I did a few posts and then it petered out… I’ve been wanting to start up again and now I am finally doing it! My pretty new blog design will motivate me! (As will the fact that I am paying for my domain name- ha!)

Things I loved to do as a child:

1) Sing and perform

2) Read the Chronicles of Narnia

3) Fantasize about getting to Narnia

4) Play with Legos

5) Write stories and poems

It’s important to do what you love; it’s important to pursue the things that give you that childlike joy. So I still do musical theater, and I get to sing with my amazing husband… I still read the Narnia books about once a year, although for now I’ve given up on trying to figure out a way to get to there. I make my husband go into the Lego store every time we go to the mall; I’ve already decided that my children will only get Legos for toys and that they will play with me and that they will LOVE it! In the meantime I’m seriously considering begging for a set for Christmas.

I haven’t been giving as much attention to the last item on my list, so here I am. The title of my blog, “Imaginations of a Day”, comes from a poem I wrote many years ago (I may share the poem in a later post). It was born from exploring those random trains of thought that occur when you just take a moment to sit, look out the window, contemplate your dreams, and listen to yourself. In those moments you may get a revelation or discover a truth that means something to you. Our imagination, our inner thought life, has the profound power to affect everything we experience.

So I’ll be sharing my thoughts on life, God, and everything, asking lots of questions, and maybe throwing in a poem every now and then (I know- brace yourself). My hope is that you will smile, laugh, think, see yourself, and ask your own questions.