Oreo Girl

It’s time to inflict upon you a poem, mwaah ha ha ha! : ) 

Oreo Girl

At church I heard comments on what I lacked.

With disappointment some would ask, “Why don’t you act more Black?”

At school I heard words that were meant to indict:

Black girls would glare at me and ask, “Why do you act so White?

Finally, after many years

I decided

To overcome my fears,

reject the stereotypes, put the expectations on the shelf

And just be my mixed,





I was accepted and loved by my family and had good friends, but the few negative experiences I had as a child were quite painful. I wrote this poem in the ’90s, and I think biracial-ity (I guess that’s not really a word) is more celebrated today. Feeling caught in between identities, fighting against society’s labels for us- we’ve all experienced that. I welcome your comments!